Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952


  1. NEW HD Dumper Design

    NEW HD Dumper Design

    10th Jan 2018

    Our HD range of hydrbid dumper is now standard with a flat-back and drop-down hydraulic door on the HD/12, HD/14 and HD/16 models. This now allows them to be used with ramps for loading machines... read more

  2. New Branding

    New Branding

    10th Jan 2018

    2018 has brought a massive revision to how we are presenting and displaying our range of products, with a new logo and a complete re-brand. There were a lot of reasons for this change, but the... read more

  3. New Overhead Cranes

    New Overhead Cranes

    21st Dec 2017

    We recently took delivery of two, new overhead cranes for our factory to speed up loading and unloading of machines and transporting parts around the factory! Pictured are them arriving and being... read more

  4. Christmas Closing Dates

    Christmas Closing Dates

    19th Dec 2017

    We will be closing from 3.30pm on Friday 22nd December and re-opening from 8am on Thursday 4th January; no despatches or deliveries can be made during this time and the phones will be answered for... read more

  5. Blue Power

    Blue Power

    22nd Nov 2017

    Did you know that we can do bespoke paint finishes? Pictured are a few examples, Maserati Blue and Newholland Blue! read more

  6. Pair of Bespoke Feed Trailers

    Pair of Bespoke Feed Trailers

    30th Oct 2017

    These two bespoke FT/20 feed trailers were sold by one of our dealers, Agricar at Laurencekirk. The rear doors were modified to allow each trailer to fit five bales in.   read more

  7. White ST/2550

    White ST/2550

    20th Oct 2017

    This ST/2550 slurry tanker is just off our production line, finished in white it certainly stands out! read more

  8. Sponsored Event

    Sponsored Event

    4th Oct 2017

    We are sponsoring the Sale of Weaned and Suckled Calves this Friday the 6th October at Thainstone Mart, Inverurie. David Marshall will be presenting the prizes and will be on hand to discuss our... read more

  9. Some new additions to the front of our factory…

    Some new additions to the front of our factory…

    2nd Oct 2017

    Some new additions to the front of our factory… read more

  10. Trailers to New Zealand

    Trailers to New Zealand

    29th Sep 2017

    This HD/14 dumper trailer and two S/10 drop-side trailers were recently despatched destined for our dealer in New Zealand! read more

  11. Dubai Bound S/4 Drop-side Trailers

    Dubai Bound S/4 Drop-side Trailers

    22nd Sep 2017

    This pair of S/4 drop-side trailers has just left Aberdeen, bound for one of our ground care dealers in Dubai! read more

  12. Two QM/1400 silage trailers

    Two QM/1400 silage trailers

    18th Sep 2017

    Two QM/1400 silage trailers on their way to Orkney, sold by one of our dealers J & W Tait Ltd. read more

  13. Happy Customer!

    Happy Customer!

    11th Sep 2017

    Happy customers come in all shapes and sizes... read more

  14. Brunswick Green QM/8

    Brunswick Green QM/8

    7th Sep 2017

    This striking QM/8 was recently sold by one of our dealers and the customer had the unusual request to finish the trailer in Brunswick green, also known as Landrover green! read more

  15. Kubota Orange S/4

    Kubota Orange S/4

    31st Aug 2017

    This S/4 drop-side trailer will certainly catch your attention with Kubota orange paint finish! read more

  16. S/6 Muck Trailer

    S/6 Muck Trailer

    28th Aug 2017

    This special S/6 drop-side trailer was recently sold by one of our dealers and was modified with a front loading ramp for wheelbarrows to tip muck. read more

  17. Bespoke HD/12 Dumper

    Bespoke HD/12 Dumper

    25th Aug 2017

    This HD/12 was recently delivered to a customer with flat-back rather than the standard scow-end and finished with a two tone paint scheme in the customer’s company colours! read more

  18. BC/32 Collection

    BC/32 Collection

    11th Aug 2017

    This BC/32 was collected from the factory yesterday, sold by our dealer Agricar. The trailer was ordered with a Newholland blue paint finish to match the customer's tractor! read more

  19. Potato Spec BC/32

    Potato Spec BC/32

    7th Aug 2017

    This stunning looking BC/32 flat trailer was recently sold by one of our dealers Agricar at Forfar. The trailer was kitted our with 560-60 x 22.5 Trelleborg tyres, 10 Stud 420 x 180 commercial... read more

  20. Road-spec ST/3000

    Road-spec ST/3000

    13th Jul 2017

    Another ST/3000 tanker recently delivered, equipped with 10 stud commercial axles, LED beacon, hydraulic drive pump and rear steering axle! read more