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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Slurry Tankers / ST3000


Features and Specifications

  • Standard Tyres: 400 - 60R x 22.5 Tandem 90mm 10 stud Commercial axle 406x120 S Cam brakes
  • Standard Equipment: 10,000l Pump / PTO Shaft / 20' Suction Hose / Spring Drawbar - Adjustable / High-level Dual Lights / Swivel Hitch
Basic Price: £18,620.00
  • Features
    • Tank Design
      Tank Design – Every model has a 6mm thick steel tank that is rolled and fully-welded by a sub-arc welder to ensure a consistent and robust finish. Inside the tank there are baffles to ensure material is transported safely and reinforcing rings to further enhance the tanks strength. It is also important to note that all our tanks hold the stated capacity; even our LGP cut in tanks are increased in size to compensate for the cut-out part.
    • Chassis Design
      Chassis Design – The overall rigidity of our tanker range is boosted by our integral chassis. which supports the tank to reduce fatigue and prevent premature failure.
    • ST Axles & Braking
      ST Axles & Braking – Every model has hydraulic brakes as standard with the option to upgrade to air brakes. Our ST/2000 model upwards has 406 x 120 10 stud commercial axles and spring drawbars as standard to ensure safe movement on the road. Dropped axles are also standard on these larger models to lower the centre of gravity and improve stability.
    • Lights
      Lights – Lights are also standard on all models with the option to upgrade to LED lights and fit a LED beacon.
    • Pump
      Pump – Either an 8,000ltr or 10,000ltr Hertell pump is standard on our tankers to ensure fast filling and discharging of material. There is also an option to fit a hydraulic drive pump or Garda pump depending on the application of the tanker.
    • Dual Slurry Trap System
      Dual Slurry Trap System – The entire range benefits from our dual protection system. The first line of protection is a specially designed double-ball set-up in the tank that stops the vacuum once it has reached a certain level. If any froth should manage to by-pass this system then there is a slurry trap in the large syphon box to catch any residue.
    • Valves
      Valves – Every model has a hand operated side valve as standard, which can also be positioned on the rear to allow for easy filling. It is also possible to specify a different position for filling as an option.
    • Gauges & Sight-glasses
      Gauges & Sight-glasses – All our models have a liquid filled 75mm gauge to provide accurate pressure readings and ensure safe loading of the tank. Furthermore two sight-glasses at the front and rear of the tanker allow the operator to know when the tank is full.
  • Overview

    Features at a Glance

    • A quality 10000L Hertell pump
    • Standard 6mm steel tank (ensures a long lifespan)
    • Standard 6” side valve (with interchangeable rear mounting position)
    • Liquid filled 75mm gauge (allows for accurate pressure readings)
    • High-level Dual Lights
    • Integral design chassis (ensures no fatigue that can produce premature cracking)
    • Tanks that hold the stated capacity (even the LGP cut in tanks are increased in size to compensate for the cut out part)
    • All cut in tanks have dropped axles to lower centre of gravity
    • Standard adjustable sprung drawbar
    • Standard swivel hitch
    • Genuine Marshall Spares – a full collection of spares are available for all models in the range

    The Marshall ST3000 is the largest slurry tanker in our range and benefits from a tandem axle set-up to safely carry this weight and reduce ground pressure.

    All Marshall tankers have an integral chassis design to reduce stress on the tank and prevent premature cracking. In addition the tank is constructed from 6mm steel, which improves durability and increases the lifespan of the tanker. The tank has also been measured to ensure that it will hold its stated capacity and customers receive exactly what they paid for. The ST3000 is also fitted with a standard 6” side valve that is interchangeable with another rear mounting position, allowing flexibility when loading. The standard 10000L Hertell pump provides quick and efficient loading of the tanker, while combining reliability and durability.

    The ST3000 is also fitted with hydraulic brakes and high-level dual lights, which are fully integrated, as standard. This ensures it is safe to operate and complies with all current health and safety legislation. The swivel type drawbar hitch is also fitted as standard to reduce hitch wear and help protect the tractor operator in the event of a tanker rollover. In addition 10 stud 406 x 120 commercial axles are standard on this model along with a choice of split-oscillating suspension or spring suspension as a no-cost option.

    The ST3000 is the flagship model in our tanker range with an impressive standard specification, robust design and huge carrying capacity to ensure that there is a Marshall tanker for every job.

  • Specification & Prices
    Standard Tyre Size385 - 65 x 22.5400 - 60R x 22.5550 - 60 x 22.5550 - 60 x 22.5750/60 - 30.5750/60 - 30.5750/60 - 30.5400 - 60R x 22.5
    Axle70mm 6 stud80mm 8 stud80mm 8 stud80mm 8 stud90mm 10 stud High Speed Commercial Drop-axle90mm 10 stud High Speed Commercial Drop-axle90mm 10 stud High Speed Commercial Drop-axle90mm 10 stud High Speed Commercial Tandem
    Brakes300 x 60350 x 90350 x 90350 x 90406 x 120 S Cam406 x 120 S Cam406 x 120 S Cam406 x 120 S Cam
    Volume1220 gal / 5500 ltr1400 gal / 6300 ltr1550 gal / 7000 ltr1800 gal / 8200 ltr2150 gal / 9800 ltr2340 gal / 10650 ltr2560 gal / 11600 ltr3000 gal / 13640 ltr
    Side ValveStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
    Tank Thickness6mm6mm6mm6mm6mm6mm6mm6mm
    Lights & BrakesStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard - Dual LightsStandard - Dual LightsStandard - Dual LightsStandard - Dual Lights
    Drum Diameter5' 3"5' 3"5' 3"5' 3"5' 3"6'6'6'
    Pump - Hertell8000 ltr8000 ltr8000 ltr8000 ltr10000 ltr10000 ltr10000 ltr10000 ltr
    6in Hose15'15'15'15'15'20'20'20'
    Unladen Weight1945 kg2120 kg2330 kg2510 kg3660 kg3890 kg4140 kg4350 kg
    REMOULD 405 - 70R x 22.5£326 / (DF-0.5)£276 / (DF-0.5)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AStandard
    550 - 60 x 22.5£1000 / (DF-2)£721 / (DF-1)StandardStandardN/AN/AN/AN/A
    560 - 45 x 22.5N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A£2280 / (DF-1)
    Spring Drawbar£782£782£782£782StandardStandardStandardStandard
    Swivel Hitch£155£155£155£155StandardStandardStandardStandard
    Tanker Hydraulic Hatch£720£720£720£720£720£720£720£720
    Full Opening Rear Door£810£810£810£810£810£910£910£910
    10,000 ltr Pump HertellN/A£340 / (DF-1)£340 / (DF-1)£340 / (DF-1)StandardStandardStandardStandard
    Hydraulic Pump£700 / (DF-1.5)£700 / (DF-1.5)£700 / (DF-1.5)£700 / (DF-1.5)£700 / (DF-1.5)£700 / (DF-1.5)£700 / (DF-1.5)£700 / (DF-1.5)
    Garda Pump (8,000l) c/w Spreader£4,128£4,128£4,128£4,128£4,128£4,128£4,128£4,128
    90 degree Bend Complete£175 / (DF-0.25)£175 / (DF-0.25)£175 / (DF-0.25)£175 / (DF-0.25)£175 / (DF-0.25)£175 / (DF-0.25)£175 / (DF-0.25)£175 / (DF-0.25)
    Extra Complete Hand Operated Valve£340 / (DF-0.25)£340 / (DF-0.25)£340 / (DF-0.25)£340 / (DF-0.25)£340 / (DF-0.25)£340 / (DF-0.25)£340 / (DF-0.25)£340 / (DF-0.25)
    Wash Down Hose£221 / (DF-0.25)£221 / (DF-0.25)£221 / (DF-0.25)£221 / (DF-0.25)£221 / (DF-0.25)£221 / (DF-0.25)£221 / (DF-0.25)£221 / (DF-0.25)
    Quick Attach Coupling£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)
    Pump Hydraulic Changeover£170 / (DF-1)£170 / (DF-1)£170 / (DF-1)£170 / (DF-1)£170 / (DF-1)£170 / (DF-1)£170 / (DF-1)£170 / (DF-1)
    Marshall Easy Connect£950£950£950£950£950£950£950£950
    Air/Oil BrakesN/AN/AN/AN/A£1,200£1,200£1,200£1,350
    LED Tail Lights£150 / (DF-0.5)£150 / (DF-0.5)£150 / (DF-0.5)£150 / (DF-0.5)£150 / (DF-0.5)£150 / (DF-0.5)£150 / (DF-0.5)£150 / (DF-0.5)
    LED Beacon£135 / (DF-0.25)£135 / (DF-0.25)£135 / (DF-0.25)£135 / (DF-0.25)£135 / (DF-0.25)£135 / (DF-0.25)£135 / (DF-0.25)£135 / (DF-0.25)
  • Owners Info
  • FAQ's
    • What are the current regulations on agricultural trailer brakes?

      Read more

      What are the current regulations on agricultural trailer brakes?

      The law currently states that trailers travelling below 25mph have to have a braking efficiency of at least 25% (UK Road Vehicle Construction & Use Regulations). Above this speed it is unclear exactly what requirements an agricultural trailer has to meet, whether it is commercial braking requirements or still simply a 25% braking efficiency.

      There is currently EU legislation under discussion which would implement a 50% braking efficiency for agricultural trailers, but this has been already been debated for a number of years without it becoming law. It seems unlikely that it will be implemented within the next few years, if ever, since this would impose higher braking standards than required on commercial vehicles.

      Marshall products are fitted with hydraulic brakes as standard and on average provide a braking efficiency of 35%, which exceeds the current legal requirements. This impressive baseline performance is achieved by fitting high quality axles supplied by the world’s leading axle manufacturer, combined with enlarged 25mm brake cylinders and durable 2 wire hoses.

      Take time to examine the specifications of our models and take note of the brake sizes and axles sizes. In particular notice we fit commercial 420 x 180 10 stud axles as standard on our QM/14, QM/16, QM/1600 and QM1800 models; not 10 stud industrial axles, which provide significantly reduced performance. The way to tell the difference between these axles is a commercial axle uses an S-cam brake rode while an industrial axle uses a flat-cam brake rod.

      If a customer requires enhanced braking performance we also offer air brakes with loading sensing, full ABS systems and a number of axle upgrades. This guarantees a Marshall trailer can meet current legal requirements now and any EU legislation that could potentially be introduced in the future.

    • What can you do prolong the life of your slurry tanker?

      Read more

      What can you do prolong the life of your slurry tanker?

      The answer to this question comes in two parts; the first is to operate the tanker correctly and the second is to follow the correct maintenance procedures.

      When filling the tanker only run the PTO up to the speed that the tanker begins to fill; increasing PTO speed beyond this point does not decrease the filling time of the tanker. This prevents the pump working unnecessarily and reduces the chances of overfilling. It is also important to note that the tanker should not be filled beyond the level of the sight glass as doing so can potentially damage the pump. Marshall tankers are fitted with two slurry traps to minimise the risk of slurry reaching the pump if the tanker is overfilled. The first of these traps is located inside the main tank and the second is located in the syphon box mounted on the front of the tanker. The valve at the bottom of the syphon box should be opened regularly to allow any slurry to escape before it overflows the trap and reaches the pump.

      The tanker PTO should be used in 540RPM mode and PTO speed should not exceed 350RPM. The tanker should also not be turned while the PTO is running and the pump should only be engaged and disengaged at low revs. In addition the oilers on the pump have to be set at one drop every one to two seconds to ensure the pump operates smoothly.

      Maintenance wise it is extremely important to check the oil levels on the pump regularly, as the oil fed to the pump by the oilers is completely lost. This can be checked via the dip-stick and should be kept above the mark; SAE 20 or similar oil should be used. The gearbox at the front of the pump should also be kept filled with SAE 90 oil to the level on the sight glass located on the side of the pump.

      To help prolong the life of the pump it is advisable, after every 25 working hours, to pass diesel through it. This can be done by placing the pump in the pressure position and holding the container of diesel up to the exhaust on the pump the diesel will be sucked up through the pump and will wash out the entire pump. KEEP THE PUMP TURNING for around 30 seconds then change the pump from pressure to vacuum – note the foul diesel will pass out through the exhaust so some means of catching this is advisable to enable you to dispose of this correctly. Continue the pump running for around 30 seconds this greatly prolongs not only the pumps life but coats the top shut off valve. This procedure MUST only be completed when the pump is cold and DO NOT STOP THE PUMP UNTIL the diesel has dispersed fully.

      This article is not a replacement or substitute for the standard machine handbook, a copy of which is available here.

    • What is the best running gear; rockers or springs?

      Read more

      What is the best running gear; rockers or springs?

      This is a question we are constantly asked by customers since the type of running gear will have a huge effect on how the machine performs. There is no definitive answer on which suspension system is better since they both have their own benefits and drawbacks.

      Split oscillating suspension or rockers as it is better known is ideal for machines that will carry high, potentially unstable loads as it eliminates lateral movement of the trailer ensuring the load can be safely transported. Crucially this is benefit is not achieved at the expense of ride quality since the tandems are still able move vertically and therefore allow the trailer to travel smoothly over rough ground. The stability of rockers makes them ideal on bale trailers, which are constantly transporting high loads, or on trailers working on steep ground.

      Marshalls rocking beams are all extremely heavy-duty, and are produced on site by our skilled engineers. In addition to the robust design, all our tandems utilise devlon bushes, which significantly reduces wear and prolongs the life of the rockers.

      The alternative to rockers is spring suspension, which is predominantly used on trailers carrying out a lot of road work. Springs provide an extremely smooth ride and perform better than rockers can on the road, particularly at higher speeds. This type of suspension also allows air brakes with load sensing to be fitted; automatic load sensing does not work on rocker tandem suspension. However the main disadvantage of springs is that they do allow lateral movement of the trailer, making them less stable on steep slopes or with higher loads.

      Whatever suspension set-up you prefer Marshalls offers either as a no-cost option, ensuring your next Marshall will be exactly what you want.

  • Additional Equipment Extra
    • Spring Suspension

      Spring Suspension

      Part No.


      No-cost Option. Provides excellent performance on the road.

    • NEW 385-65 x 22.5 Super Single Wheels

      NEW 385-65 x 22.5 Super Single Wheels

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 1hrs


      These tyres are brand new tyres that will stand up to extreme road work. They have a carrying capacity of 4.5-tons and are K-rated (110km/h).

    • 560-45 x 22.5 Radial Flotation Wheels c/w Wings/Mudguards

      560-45 x 22.5 Radial Flotation Wheels c/w Wings/Mudguards

      Part No.


      These tyres excell at both on road performance and off-road performance and are the best all-round tyres we offer. This price includes the necessary mudguards. Please note all prices are in place of standard tyres.

    • 10 Stud Commercial Axles c/w ABS & Air Brakes

      10 Stud Commercial Axles c/w ABS & Air Brakes

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 6hrs


      Ideal if the machine is frequently used on the road, and provides HGV levels of braking. Please note price is for a pair of axles in lieu of 10 stud axles.

    • Rear Steering Axle (10 stud)

      Rear Steering Axle (10 stud)

      Part No.


      Improves the trailers turning radius and reduces scrubbing on the land.

    • Air/Oil Brakes c/w Load Sensing (Non ABS)

      Air/Oil Brakes c/w Load Sensing (Non ABS)

      Part No.


      Ideal if the machine is frequently used on the road, provides improved braking for higher speeds. Automatic load sensing available on springs & manual load sensing available on rockers.

    • Mudguards/Wings


      Part No.


      Reduces mud splatter to the rest of the machine.

    • Tanker Hydraulic Hatch

      Tanker Hydraulic Hatch

      Part No.


      Allows easy filing of tanker from pumps or overhead storage.

    • Full Opening Rear Door

      Full Opening Rear Door

      Part No.


      Allows the tanker to easily be washed out to prevent the build up of material in the bottom of the tank.

    • Garda Pump c/w Spreader

      Garda Pump c/w Spreader

      Part No.


      Can be used for high pressure spreading of slurry over hedges or for dust reduction in quarries.

    • Hydraulic Pump

      Hydraulic Pump

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 1.5hrs


      Removes the requirement of a PTO Shaft.

    • 90° Bend Complete

      90° Bend Complete

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


      Angles the slurry discharge to the side of the tanker for use in wet conditions.

    • Extra Complete Hand Operated Valve - Nearside Rear

      Extra Complete Hand Operated Valve - Nearside Rear

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


      Assists with loading of the tanker. Positioned on the nearside, rear of the tanker.

    • Wash Down Hose

      Wash Down Hose

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


      A useful hose attachment for general washing down jobs.

    • Quick Attach Coupling - Nearside Front

      Quick Attach Coupling - Nearside Front

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      Allows the hose to be attached with the use of one hand. Please note that price is to upgrade standard side gate valve.

    • Quick Attach Coupling - Nearside Rear

      Quick Attach Coupling - Nearside Rear

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      Allows the hose to be attached with the use of one hand. Please note that price includes fitting manual gate valve and quick attach coupling to nearside, rear of tanker.

    • Pump Hydraulic Changeover

      Pump Hydraulic Changeover

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 1hrs


      Allows the pump to change between pressure and vacum hydraulically.

    • Marshall Easy Connect c/w Hydraulic Changeover

      Marshall Easy Connect c/w Hydraulic Changeover

      Part No.


      A simple and quick way to load your tanker without leaving the tractor. Extend the side grab, drive up to the hose until it enters the grab and then hydraulically pull the hose into place. Only available when filling the tanker from the side valve.

    • LED Beacon

      LED Beacon

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


      Ideal if the machine is frequently used on the road.

    • LED Lights

      LED Lights

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      Improved visibility of the machine and reduces maintenance of lights.