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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

When a smaller trailer is needed

14th December 2023

As part of our range, we also produce a variety of small trailers perfect for the amenity & horticulture sector. That takes into account the sector specialist needs, such as low ground pressure, capacity, manoeuvrability & flexibility.

Our S-range of trailers span across 1.5-ton, 2-ton & 4-ton models, and are popular with a wide cross-section of businesses; plant nurseries, golf courses, landscape gardeners, councils & grounds keepers.

And we ensure that we put the same care & expertise into the design & build of these trailers as we do with our larger models. Featuring fixed headboards, strong chassis, 2-pack paint and a selection of optional add-ons, including mesh sides, ramps, brakes, road lights & floatation tyres.

So if you’re looking for a hardworking, smaller trailer that totally matches your compact tractor & specific industry needs ask your dealer for a Marshall.

Compact 1.5 Ton to larger 4 Ton Tipping Trailers Dropside Trailer models that are perfect for Horticulture & Amenities Add-on features like Mesh-Sides, Lights & Brakes Superb for all smaller jobs from Councils to Ground Keepers Strong & Lightweight, ideal for Golf Courses & Landscapers

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