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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Muck Spreaders / MS-105


Features and Specifications

  • Standard Tyres: 550 - 60 x 22.5 - 80mm 8 stud axle
  • Cubic Capacity: 10.5 cu. yds / 8 cu. mtrs
  • Body Dimensions: 14' x 60"
Basic Price: £13,245.00
  • Features
    • Barrel Design
      Barrel Design – The barrels on all models are fully welded and are either 4mm thick on our MS-60 and MS-75 or 4.5mm thick on our larger models. The ends on all models are also heavy-duty with 6mm thick ends to provide an excellent service life.
    • Chassis Design
      Chassis Design – An integral chassis design has been part of the Marshall spreader for over thirty years. It removes any stress on the barrel of the spreader to prevent premature fatigue or cracking.
    • Lid Design
      Lid Design – Every model in the range benefits from a stainless steel lid ram to eliminate corrosion. Our lids open to 89 degrees, allowing easy loading and reducing the possibility of damage.
    • Brakes & Lights
      Brakes & Lights – Brakes and lights come as standard on all models, except our MS/45. This ensures all our spreaders comply with both highway and health & safety regulations.
    • Sprockets
      Sprockets – All sprockets are machined steel, not cast, and located by a 10 pitch spline to maximize service life. In addition the gearing of the sprockets on all our spreaders has been selected to provide the optimum spread.
    • Bearings
      Bearings – We only use plumber block bearings, which allows all our bearings to be placed away from corrosive slurry to limit potential damage.
    • Rotor Shaft
      Rotor Shaft – Every model benefits from a round perfectly balanced rotor shaft with chains mounted on four sides, any engineer would agree a round shaft is easier to balance. Heavy-duty starter flails allow the spreader to easily start and quickly achieve the optimum spreading speed.
    • Chains
      Chains – The flail chains on every model are case hardened to greatly reduce wear and the heads are welded on, not just held on with a pin or bolt. Large 3" x 2.5" heads and a substantial number of flail chains ensure a fast, efficient spread rate.
    • Paint Finish
      Paint Finish – Since November 2011 we have shot-blasted, this is acknowledged in the paint industry as the best possible method for preparing steel for painting. The shot-blasting creates a profile for the paint to adhere to, improving adhesion and in turn the protection offered to the steel. Our five man team of trained sprayers then use the latest spraying equipment to finish our products with a dual layer paint finish. Every machine is finished with 80 microns of high-build primer and 50 microns of gloss polyurethane; this combination provides excellent protection and a high-quality finish.
    • Delivery
      Delivery – Marshall Trailers uses a computerized build system to plan production to ensure that machines are delivered on time. The final stage of delivery is undertake by our two artic lorries, a 7.5ton rigid lorry and a number of other haulage partners.
    • Spare Parts
      Spare Parts – Marshall Trailers has a full selection of spare parts for all our ranges, most of which can be dispatched immediately. In some cases we have spares for machines dating back forty years, which gives of mind when you buy a Marshall that you will be properly supported well into the future.
  • Overview

    Features at a Glance

    • Precision steel sprockets (not cast) located to the shafts by a 10 pitch spline
    • The bottom input shaft is mounted by two bearings and the drive sprocket is positioned between them.
    • All bearings are mounted away from the drum limiting potential damage from corrosive slurry
    • A round perfectly balanced main rotor shaft with chains mounted on four sides
    • All our flail chains are over-engineered for the task at hand. They are case hardened to greatly reduce wear and the heads are fully welded on, not just held on with a pin or bolt. Large 3” x 3 1/2” heads (ensures a fast efficient spread rate)
    • Brakes and lights come as standard on all models (except MS45). This ensures the spreader complies with both highway and health & safety laws.
    • The spreader lid is opened by a hydraulic ram which is made from stainless steel to eliminate corrosion. The lid itself is extremely large allowing easy loading with today’s larger loading forks and grabs. It is also worth noting our lids open vertically so the muck does not have to be edged in.
    • Integral design chassis has been part of the Marshall spreader for over 30 years (ensures no fatigue that can produce premature cracking of the body)
    • Genuine Marshall Spares – a full collection of spares are available for all models in the range

    The MS105 is the largest model in our side-discharge muckspreader range, and is designed for spreading significant quantities of muck without any hassle.

    It has a 4.5mm drum and 6mm ends, which is hugely over engineered for the size of the spreader and therefore drastically improves its lifespan. The chains used in this model are case hardened flail chains with fully-welded heads, not simply held on with a bolt or pin; this significantly reduces wearing of the chains and chain heads. Furthermore this model moves up to a 14mm chain head to ensure that the high build quality is maintained throughout our muckspreader range. The chains are also mounted on four sides of a perfectly balanced main rotor, to help create a more even spread pattern.

    The sprockets used in the spreader are precision steel sprockets, not cast, located to the shaft by a 10 pitch spline. These sprockets are much stronger than cast sprockets and reduce the chance of component failure, prolonging the life of the spreader. The MS105 model uses duplex sprockets and chains to guarantee the spreader can cope with the demands placed on it. In addition the bottom input shaft is mounted by two bearings and the drive sprocket is positioned between them for maximum strength, further reducing the chances of component failure. All bearings on Marshall spreaders are also mounted away from the drum limiting the potential damage from corrosive slurry.

    The spreader lid is opened by a hydraulic ram which is made from stainless steel to eliminate corrosion. The lid itself is extremely large allowing easy loading with today’s larger loading forks and grabs. It is also worth noting our lids open vertically so the muck does not have to be edged in.

    The overall strength of the spreader is further enhanced by the Marshall integral chassis design that has been used for over 30 years. This removes any stress on the drum of the spreader that could potentially cause premature cracking. On top of this the MS105 also has hydraulic brakes and lights integrated into the back rail as standard, ensuring it complies with all health and safety regulations.

    The MS105 is our flagship muckspreader model, with a large carrying capacity and Marshalls standard tough build.

  • Specification & Prices
    Standard Tyre Size12.5 x 15 - 14 ply385 - 65 x 22.5385 - 65 x 22.5550 - 60 x 22.5
    Axle70mm 6 stud70mm 6 stud70mm 6 stud80mm 8 stud
    Brakes300 x 60300 x 60300 x 60350 x 90
    Volume Capacity6 cu. yds / 4.6 cu.mtrs / 1000gal7.5 cu. yds / 5.7 cu.mtrs / 1250gal9 cu. yds / 6.9 cu.mtrs / 1500gal10.5 cu. yds / 8 cu.mtrs / 1750gal
    Hydraulic BrakesStandardStandardStandardStandard
    Hydraulic LidStandardStandardStandardStandard
    Drum Thickness4mm4mm4.5mm4.5mm
    Case Hardened Chain Flails1/2" / 13mm1/2" / 13mm9/16" / 14mm9/16" / 14mm
    Flail Chain - Quantity28283640
    HP Requirements55658595
    End Height73"81"82"82"
    Loading Height51"58"59"62"
    Body Dimension10' x 54"10' x 57"12' x 60"14' x 60"
    Basic Spreader Weight1330 kg1680 kg2060 kg 2280 kg
    Slurry Bib 8inch Deep - Galvanized£230 / (DF-0.5)£230 / (DF-0.5)£230 / (DF-0.5)£230 / (DF-0.5)
    11.5 x 15N/AN/AN/AN/A
    12.5 x 15N/AN/AN/AN/A
    16/70 x 20 Track Tread£675 / (DF-0.5)£625 / (DF-0.5)£625 / (DF-0.5)N/A
    550 - 60 x 22.5 fitted to 8 studN/A£1,090 / (DF-2)£1,090 / (DF-2)Standard
    Jack Screw in lieu of Skid£234£234£234N/A
    LED Tail Lights£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)
  • Owners Info
    • Tyre Pressure Chart

    • Rotary Muckspreader Instruction Manual

    • Marshall Pricelist and Brochure 2021

    • Order Muck Spreaders spares online

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    • Additional Equipment for this machine

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  • FAQ's
    • How do you prolong the life of a rotor-spreader?

      Read more

      How do you prolong the life of a rotor-spreader?

      The Marshall rotor-spreader is designed to be simple and effective; ensuring that customers will not be let down. However proper maintenance and care is also essential and can drastically improve the life of a spreader. The most straight-forward and most obvious way to prolong the life of a spreader is to follow the maintenance instructions in the machine handbook; the information below highlights some of the more common problems and solutions.

      The easiest way to ensure your spreader lasts is to clean it out after use and never leave it full of muck and slurry, both are extremely corrosive to the paint and bodywork. It sounds like a simple piece of advice, but many people never wash their spreader.

      Another important maintenance job is making sure that the four bearings on a spreader are properly greased; one of either end of the rotor shaft and two on the input shaft. This simple task combined with the intelligent placement of bearings on a Marshall spreader will prolong the life of the bearings and prevent premature failure.

      Finally, the most important maintenance advice that any rotor-spreader owner should follow is to watch the flail chains for stretching. As any spreader is used the stresses on the flail chains cause them to stretch and scrap against the spreader drum; this can quickly cause holes in the drum if not rectified. The solution is to remove the pin holding each chain and move it one link further up to shorten the chain.

    • What are the current regulations on agricultural trailer brakes?

      Read more

      What are the current regulations on agricultural trailer brakes?

      The law currently states that trailers travelling below 25mph have to have a braking efficiency of at least 25% (UK Road Vehicle Construction & Use Regulations). Above this speed it is unclear exactly what requirements an agricultural trailer has to meet, whether it is commercial braking requirements or still simply a 25% braking efficiency.

      There is currently EU legislation under discussion which would implement a 50% braking efficiency for agricultural trailers, but this has been already been debated for a number of years without it becoming law. It seems unlikely that it will be implemented within the next few years, if ever, since this would impose higher braking standards than required on commercial vehicles.

      Marshall products are fitted with hydraulic brakes as standard and on average provide a braking efficiency of 35%, which exceeds the current legal requirements. This impressive baseline performance is achieved by fitting high quality axles supplied by the world’s leading axle manufacturer, combined with enlarged 25mm brake cylinders and durable 2 wire hoses.

      Take time to examine the specifications of our models and take note of the brake sizes and axles sizes. In particular notice we fit commercial 420 x 180 10 stud axles as standard on our QM/14, QM/16, QM/1600 and QM1800 models; not 10 stud industrial axles, which provide significantly reduced performance. The way to tell the difference between these axles is a commercial axle uses an S-cam brake rode while an industrial axle uses a flat-cam brake rod.

      If a customer requires enhanced braking performance we also offer air brakes with loading sensing, full ABS systems and a number of axle upgrades. This guarantees a Marshall trailer can meet current legal requirements now and any EU legislation that could potentially be introduced in the future.

  • Additional Equipment Extra
    • Slurry Bib 8" Deep

      Slurry Bib 8

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      Prevents slurry from slopping over the side of the spreader during transport.

    • LED Lights

      LED Lights

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      Improved visibility of the machine and reduces maintenance of lights.