Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952


  1. Marshall People Carrier

    Marshall People Carrier

    15th Apr 2024

    Introducing our new Marshall People Carrier, that’s perfect for carrying people safely and in a cost-effective and in a time-efficient way. Whether at an event or festival, to and from show... read more

  2. Dropside Trailers

    Dropside Trailers

    3rd Apr 2024

    To make sure that you get the most out of our versatile dropside trailers, we’ve recently improved our optional bale extension. Meaning that our dropside trailers are now even better at... read more

  3. Marshall Spreaders

    Marshall Spreaders

    3rd Apr 2024

    Spring into action & order your Marshall Spreader. And take advantage of tailoring your machine to match your needs, giving yourself greater flexibility & making sure you’re ready when... read more

  4. Silage Trailers

    Silage Trailers

    3rd Apr 2024

    It’s always good to plan ahead & be prepared for cutting your silage, even when it’s cold & wet outside. And to be certain you’re fully equipped don’t forget to order... read more

  5. Tanker Specification

    Tanker Specification

    3rd Apr 2024

    We understand that Slurry tankers have to be the most versatile machines on the farm. Tailored to how much needs spreading, field conditions, storage facilities & how the tankers get... read more

  6. FT18 Trailers for NZ

    FT18 Trailers for NZ

    3rd Apr 2024

    Our trailers make their way all over the world. Here’s a batch of our feed trailers getting prepped & packed to head over to New Zealand. Bon voyage & make us proud! read more

  7. Check out our new products & enhancements

    Check out our new products & enhancements

    18th Dec 2023

    We never like to rest on our laurels & are constantly looking for new additions or fresh upgrades across our range of machines. To echo this, we’re excited to unveil just some of the new... read more

  8. When a smaller trailer is needed

    When a smaller trailer is needed

    14th Dec 2023

    As part of our range, we also produce a variety of small trailers perfect for the amenity & horticulture sector. That takes into account the sector specialist needs, such as low ground pressure,... read more

  9. Winter Closing Times 2023-24

    Winter Closing Times 2023-24

    6th Dec 2023

    The factory and office will be closed from the 22nd December inclusive to 2nd January inclusive, during this period we will be unable to take deliveries. The main office number 01224 722777... read more

  10. Better Spread Dribble Bar

    Better Spread Dribble Bar

    30th Nov 2023

    To meet current slurry handling regulations & for better spread accuracy we have the perfect solution for you. Our dribble bar, available across our ST range whether new or retro-fitted to... read more

  11. Machines for Every Customer

    Machines for Every Customer

    29th Nov 2023

    Over the past 70 years of producing agricultural machinery, we’ve managed to tailor our product for a wide variety of farms, ranging from a few hectares to the thousands. That’s... read more

  12. Exporting for Success

    Exporting for Success

    29th Nov 2023

    As proud as we are of our Chapel Works home in Aberdeen, we’re equally proud that our product, refined over years of manufacturing expertise, is able to reach international markets far from our... read more

  13. Winter Closing Times 2022-23

    Winter Closing Times 2022-23

    30th Nov 2022

    The factory and office will be closed from the 23rd December inclusive to 3rd January inclusive, during this period we will be unable to take deliveries. The main office number 01224 722777... read more

  14. SAP software control of the Marshall Trailers factory

    SAP software control of the Marshall Trailers factory

    22nd Nov 2022

    Following a £1M investment in SAP Factory Management Software in 2018, our entire order & production process is monitored from start to finish. This software is the same as used by John... read more

  15. Marshall Livestock Floats

    Marshall Livestock Floats

    15th Nov 2022

    At Marshall, we offer you the right products for all your needs. As we head into this year’s winter check out our fit-for-purpose livestock trailers. Giving you the best quality, at a great... read more

  16. 70 years in the business...

    70 years in the business...

    1st Nov 2022

    1952 - 2022. In December 2022, Marshalls will reach a milestone of 70 years in the business of making agricultural trailers and machinery. We’ve come a long way! From our origins to... read more

  17. Prices Updated March 2022

    25th Mar 2022

    Website prices have been updated, and any quotes issued prior to Monday 21st March 2022 will need re-quoted, please contact the office on 01224 722777. read more

  18. Winter Closing Times 2021-2022

    16th Dec 2021

    The factory and office will be closed from the 24th December inclusive to 4th January inclusive, during this period we will be unable to take deliveries. The main office number 01224 722777 will... read more

  19. Passing of Maureen Marshall

    Passing of Maureen Marshall

    27th Jul 2021

    It is with great sadness that Mrs Maureen Marshall passed away on Friday 23rd July 2021. The wife of the company's founder, the late Charles J Marshall, died peacefully at home after a short... read more

  20. Prices Update

    13th May 2021

    The prices in our April 2021 pricelist are no longer valid from today, however the specifications and model information are still current. In the next couple of weeks updated brochures will be sent... read more