Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952


  1. 2016 Lorry Loads

    2016 Lorry Loads

    28th Jan 2016

    Another few photos of the lorry loads we have despatched in 2016! read more

  2. Chrome Wrapped S/4

    Chrome Wrapped S/4

    18th Jan 2016

    Another unusual trailer we have at LAMMA this year is a chrome wrapped S/4 drop-side trailer! Make sure you come past stand B21 and see it! read more

  3. New CNC Plasma Cutter

    New CNC Plasma Cutter

    16th Jan 2016

    Another major investment in our factory for 2016 is a new CNC controlled plasma cutter, capable of cutting up to 40mm steel plate and even more accurate than previous models due to True Hole... read more

  4. New 2016 Pricelist Now Available

    New 2016 Pricelist Now Available

    13th Jan 2016

    Our latest 2016 pricelist is now available for download from our website, simply click on the link below and then click on the pricelist link to download... read more

  5. Factory Updates

    Factory Updates

    11th Jan 2016

    Another update to the equipment in our factory this time a 5-ton overhead crane, if you can believe it the crane it replaces was installed in 1972! Like everything you've got to keep improving... read more

  6. NEW QM/1800 Monocoque Trailer

    NEW QM/1800 Monocoque Trailer

    7th Jan 2016

    We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new QM/1800 monocoque trailer, which will be launching at the LAMMA Show 2016. The trailer is designed to carry 18.5 tons and has an extremely... read more

  7. New Hybrid Dumper Trailer Range

    New Hybrid Dumper Trailer Range

    7th Jan 2016

    Another new product launch at the LAMMA Show is our new HD range of hybrid dumpers, designed for contruction and agricultural use. The entire range is heavy-built for use on cosntruction projects,... read more

  8. Winter Closing Dates 2015-2016

    17th Dec 2015

    Marshalls will be closing at 5.30pm on Wednesday 23rd December and re-opening 7.30am on Tuesday 5th January. No spare parts will be despatched during this period, but the office number will be... read more

  9. Lorry Loads

    Lorry Loads

    15th Dec 2015

    Another few photos of lorries from the last couple of months! read more

  10. High-spec S/6 Drop-side Trailer

    High-spec S/6 Drop-side Trailer

    2nd Dec 2015

    This high-spec trailer S/6 drop-side trailer was recently sold with a large number of options, including oversized 15-55x17 flotation tyres, galvanized mesh sides, a standard cover, a no. plate... read more

  11. Export VES/2500 Rear-discharge Spreader

    Export VES/2500 Rear-discharge Spreader

    27th Nov 2015

    This VES/2500 rear-discharge spreader was recently sold by our dealer in Poland. It was finished with a striking kobalt blue paint scheme and replaces a VES/1500 model previously sold to the... read more

  12. Multi-coloured QM/1200

    Multi-coloured QM/1200

    26th Nov 2015

    This was a very unusual request from one of our dealers Ernest Doe; their customer needed a highly visible trailer for transporting salt. The result was a QM/1200 with a bespoke yellow rear door,... read more

  13. Fuel for the Factory

    Fuel for the Factory

    17th Nov 2015

    Some of the lorry loads of steel and tyres from the last few weeks to keep the factory going! read more

  14. Customer Line Up

    Customer Line Up

    13th Nov 2015

    One of our good customers, Mr.Gordon Black, with his line up of Marshall machinery; a VES/2000 rear-discharge spreader, a QM/1200 grain trailer and a QM/1400 silage trailer! read more

  15. Bespoke Tandem Axle Muck Spreader

    Bespoke Tandem Axle Muck Spreader

    10th Nov 2015

    This bespoke tandem axle MS/105 muckspreader was sold by one of our dealers Halse of Honiton! To find out more about our MS muck spreader range... read more

  16. MS/75 Huge Flotation Tyres

    MS/75 Huge Flotation Tyres

    4th Nov 2015

    This MS/75 muckspreader was sold by one of our dealers Lloyd Ltd at Carlisle. It was specified with huge 550-60x22.5 flotation tyres on an 8 stud 350 x 90 axle. To find out more about our MS... read more

  17. Bespoke BC/17 Bale Trailer

    Bespoke BC/17 Bale Trailer

    3rd Nov 2015

    This unique bale trailer was sold by one of our dealers Platts Harris at Darly Dale. The trailer was built with a 17ft long bed, a fixed headboard, a bespoke rear bale bar and finished in... read more

  18. Customer Photos 21

    Customer Photos 21

    23rd Oct 2015

    Another selection of customer photos of their Marshall trailers in action. If you would like to your Marshall to be featured on our website and facebook page then please send your photos... read more

  19. ST1400 With New Design Tanker Mudguards

    ST1400 With New Design Tanker Mudguards

    23rd Oct 2015

    This ST/1400 slurry tanker was recently delivered with the first of our new design mudguards! It also had oversize 400-60x22.5 tyres and a besoke rear hatch. To find out more about our slurry... read more

  20. Bespoke QM/16 Grain Trailer

    Bespoke QM/16 Grain Trailer

    19th Oct 2015

    This bespoke QM/16 grain trailer was sold by one of our dealers, Ravenhill at Shrewsbury!   To see more of our bespoke builds visit: read more