Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Dealer Fit - enhance your existing Marshall machine

Dealer Fit - enhance your existing Marshall machine


Take advantage of this amazing design feature and purchase your Dealer Fit kits online.

Click the button below to buy the kits through our online Spares ordering system:

  • Dealer Fit Concept

    The design of trailers has changed dramatically over the last sixty years, from hundreds of trailers exactly the same to the current situation where almost every trailer is custom built.

    Naturally this makes it more and more difficult to stock the correct model, with the correct specification; something we are well aware of at Marshalls and are beginning to address with our new dealer fit concept!

    The majority of options will be able to be easily and efficiently fitted to different models without paint rectification, allowing almost any specification of trailer to be created from a standard model. This design approach also gives customers the ability to upgrade his Marshall machine to match their tractor or meet the requirements of a particular job.

    It is as simple as following these steps:

    1. Study the specification tables in our pricelist or on our website. Identify whether an option can be dealer fitted and note how many hours is required to fit the option; the specification tables have the follow text to identify this:

      (DF - 1)

    2. Contact us to order the required kit, either by telephone, fax, email or by ordering through our website.
    3. The kit will be dispatched to you, along with fitting instructions. If necessary do not hesitate to contact us for further help when fitting kits.
    4. Fit the required kits to meet a customer’s specification, allowing you to retail a machine that would otherwise remain in stock.
    5. The other huge benefit this provides is allowing a customer to upgrade his machine to match his tractor or to meet the requirements of a particular job.