Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952


  1. Matching QM/12 Grain Trailers

    Matching QM/12 Grain Trailers

    3rd Apr 2017

    These two matching QM/12 grain trailers were recently sold by one of our dealers, Halse South West. They were specified with spring drawbars, hydraulic doors, full-width front windows, rollover... read more

  2. High-spec QM/8

    High-spec QM/8

    23rd Mar 2017

    This QM/8 silage trailer was recently sold by our local dealer Ravenhill, and was specified with a whole list of optional extras. The options on the trailer included Trelleborg 15-55 x 17... read more

  3. Bespoke Double Door QM/8

    Bespoke Double Door QM/8

    22nd Mar 2017

    This was a very special QM/8 monocoque trailer sold by one of our dealers Chippenham Farm Sales. It was designed with an internal hydraulic door that allows the trailer to transport two separate... read more

  4. Custom Build S/6

    Custom Build S/6

    8th Mar 2017

    This bespoke S/6 drop-side trailer was recently sold by one of our dealers and had a huge number of options. It was specified with mesh sides, barn doors, 340-65 x 18 Michelin wheels, a spare... read more

  5. New Magnets

    New Magnets

    3rd Mar 2017

    Another investment for this year is a pair new magnets for loading our two CNC plasma cutters; these new magnets can carry 3.5 tons each and will speed up our handling times.  read more

  6. Three Custom Build Bale Trailers

    Three Custom Build Bale Trailers

    3rd Mar 2017

    These three BC/21 bale trailers were recently sold by one of our dealers Harrison Machinery. The three trailers were very bespoke with 16ft beds complete with drop-sides and a mounting point for... read more

  7. Custom Build Tandem Axle MS/105

    Custom Build Tandem Axle MS/105

    2nd Mar 2017

    This bespoke tandem axle MS/105 muckspreader on 550-45 x 22.5 flotation wheels was recently sold to a customer in the Netherlands. To see more of our bespoke projects... read more

  8. Bespoke HD/6 Dumper Trailer

    Bespoke HD/6 Dumper Trailer

    15th Feb 2017

    This bespoke HD/6 hybrid dumper trailer was recently delivered. It was specified with 500/50 x 17 flotation tyres, hydraulic door, hydraulic door safety valve, LED beacon, LED worklamps, number... read more

  9. Pair of Bespoke Trailers

    Pair of Bespoke Trailers

    5th Feb 2017

    We recently delivered a pair of very bespoke trailers for one of our dealers. The first was a BC/32 bale trailer, with low profile 445-45 x 19.5 wheels, air brakes, wooden floor, rear ramp bar,... read more

  10. Thirty Years at Marshall Trailers!

    Thirty Years at Marshall Trailers!

    13th Jan 2017

    This month two members of our team celebrate thirty years at Marshall Trailers, Gordon Farquhar our factory foreman and Leslie Alexander one of our CNC plasma operators. We would like to thank... read more

  11. NEW QM Range Updates

    NEW QM Range Updates

    13th Jan 2017

    Our QM range of monocque trailers has also has some small updates for 2017. These include the following: New front hose stand to better protect the hoses and better storage point for the... read more

  12. NEW BC Range Box Pusher and Side Walkways

    NEW BC Range Box Pusher and Side Walkways

    12th Jan 2017

    The new BC range launching at the LAMMA Show also has received updated box pusher and side walkway options. The new box pusher has been re-designed to make it easier to retrofit and has been... read more

  13. NEW S/1 Drop-side Trailer

    NEW S/1 Drop-side Trailer

    11th Jan 2017

    Another new model launching at LAMMA 2017 our S/1 drop-side trailer with 1.25 ton capacity, suitable for compact tractors. The details are as follows: 1.25 ton capacity Body Size... read more

  14. NEW VES Rear-discharge Spreader Range

    NEW VES Rear-discharge Spreader Range

    10th Jan 2017

    Another new range for 2017 is our VES range of rear-discharge spreaders, which have had a full-redesign across the range. The new range includes the following improvements: New flaired... read more

  15. NEW BC Bale Trailer Range

    NEW BC Bale Trailer Range

    10th Jan 2017

    We are pleased to introduce our new BC range of bale trailers, with a complete redesign and update for 2017. The updates include the following: New pressed side-rail formed from 6mm plates... read more

  16. Winter Closing Dates 2016 - 2017

    13th Dec 2016

    Marshalls will be closing at 5.30pm on Thursday 22nd December and re-opening 7.30am on Wednesday 4th January. No spare parts will be despatched during this period, but the office number will be... read more

  17. Factory Archive Photo

    Factory Archive Photo

    4th Dec 2016

    This is one from the archives, pictured is the factory floor in the 1960s with Charles J Marshall operating one of the overhead cranes! read more

  18. Bespoke BC/22 Bale Trailer

    Bespoke BC/22 Bale Trailer

    23rd Nov 2016

    This bespoke BC/22 bale trailer was recently sold by one of our dealers. The trailer was specified with rear aluminium loading ramps, ramp storage trays, rear support legs and premium Vredestein... read more

  19. Dock Trailers

    Dock Trailers

    7th Nov 2016

    These three specially designed QM/1600 monocoque trailers were recently sold to a docks in South Wales with special strengthened silage sides allowing them to carry 20-ton at a time when unloading... read more

  20. Tri-Axle BC/34 Bale Trailer

    Tri-Axle BC/34 Bale Trailer

    25th Oct 2016

    This BC/34 tri-axle bale trailer was recently delivered to one of our customers. The trailer was specified with low profile 445/45 x 19.5 wheels, 10 stud commercial axles, spring suspension,... read more