Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Exporting for Success

29th November 2023

As proud as we are of our Chapel Works home in Aberdeen, we’re equally proud that our product, refined over years of manufacturing expertise, is able to reach international markets far from our base. With our machines currently serving clients in 55 countries and across 6 continents... and counting.

To get them there we go to great lengths to fully inspect our machines before we prep & pack them safely into their containers for export. Where, on arrival, our local dealer network re-assembly them for our global customers, who put them straight out to do what they do best, for instance:

- Adapted Vantage spreaders dispersing palm waste in Papua New Guinea.

- Bale trailers assisting widespread commercial reforestation in Ghana.

- A range of feed & silage trailers out in the fields of New Zealand.

- Taking the daily heat in Dubai across a selection of golf courses.

- And livestock trailers weathering the conditions of the Falkland Islands.

So when you’re looking for a range of quality machines that you can rely on and are trusted the world over, ask your dealer for a Marshall.

Exporting all over the world Our machines are ready for overseas haulage Getting them all ready for loading Lifted into the shipping containers Safely packed for the journey abroad

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