Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952


We have a range of Marshall merchandise, which we will continue to expand so keep checking back. To purchase you can email us or call 01224 722777 and quote the part number of the item you are interested in.

Please note these prices exclude VAT and carriages charges do apply.

  1. Part no: 701/07-0580 Description: A4 Marshall Notepads

    A4 Marshall Notepads

    A4 note pad finished with Marshall logo and product range images.

  2. Part no: 701/07-0605 Description: Marshall 5m/16ft Measuring Tape

    Marshall 5m/16ft Measuring Tape

    Measuring tape 5m/16ft complete with Marshall logo.

  3. Part no: 701/07-0603 Description: Marshall 3m/10ft Measuring Tape

    Marshall 3m/10ft Measuring Tape

    Measuring tape 3m/10ft complete with Marshall logo.

  4. Part no: 701/07-0058 Description: Marshall Pens

    Marshall Pens

    Ball point pen complete with Marshall logo and web address; white with red rubber grip.

  5. Part no: 701/07-1000 Description: Marshall Ski Hat

    Marshall Ski Hat

    Finished in red with Marshall logo on front.