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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Drop-Side Agricultural Trailers / S/5


Features and Specifications

  • Standard Tyres: 12.5 x 15-14 ply - 70mm 6 stud axle
  • Tapered Body: 10' 6" x 6' 9" - 7' x 21"
  • Standard Equipment: Hydraulic Brakes / Lights 
Basic Price: £6,350.00
  • Features
    • Grain Sides
      Grain Sides – Available on S/5 upwards; comes complete with a full height door to allow bulky loads to be safely discharged.
    • Silage Sides
      Silage Sides – Available on S/5 upwards; comes complete with two side loading panels and uses Marshall's unique hydraulic silage door locking system fitted to the rear of the trailer, preventing any damage from the side.
    • Mesh Sides
      Mesh Sides – Available on all models; these sides simply bolt on to the trailer. They provide an increased capacity for light loads such as leaves and grass.
    • Lighting Arrangement
      Lighting Arrangement – Lights are standard on our S/4 model upwards and optional on our S/2 model. The standard light units fitted are commercial grade, and sealed to prevent water damage. In addition it is also possible to upgrade to LED lights and LED beacons are available as an option for all models.
    • Pressed Panel Construction
      Pressed Panel Construction – This production technique increases strength and rigidity without adding significant weight, ensuring that the side panels can safely and easily be handled or removed.
    • Fixed Headboard
      Fixed Headboard – Every trailer in our drop-side range has a fixed headboard as standard. This increases torsional rigidity to reduce flexing when the trailer is being used.
    • Fully-braced Hinge Points
      Fully-braced Hinge Points – Our whole drop-side range uses the same hinge points, which are reinforced to stand up to the constant opening and closing action drop-side trailers have to endure.
    • Fully Welded Construction
      Fully Welded Construction – No compromises are made in the construction of our trailers, with every model utilizing a fully welded construction. This provides two major benefits; the overall durability of the trailer is increased and there is less opportunity for water to sit and cause rust.
    • Marshall Chassis Design
      Marshall Chassis Design – Our smaller models use a fully-welded channel chassis that provides unmatched strength while keeping weight down. Our S/85 and S/10 models use a square chassis configuration to improve stability and reduce flexing when loading. In addition our S/10 model also benefits from a further strengthened chassis, which employs an 8mm thick reinforcing plate over the front of the chassis members to provide incredible rigidity.
    • Spring Suspension Option
      Spring Suspension Option – Available on our tandem S/85 and S/10 models as a no-cost option and on our single-axle S/4, S/5 and S/6 models as an optional extra. The benefit of spring suspension is for road-work because it handles uneven surfaces better at speed.
    • Axles & Braking
      Axles & Braking – Our Whole drop-side range comes complete with hydraulically operated brakes as standard; the only exception is our S/2 model, which has the option to fit hydraulic brakes. The size of the brakes on our drop-side range are also more then acceptable; providing braking efficiency in excess of the current legal requirements.
    • Paint Finish
      Paint Finish – Since November 2011 we have shot-blasted, this is acknowledged in the paint industry as the best possible method for preparing steel for painting. The shot-blasting creates a profile for the paint to adhere to, improving adhesion and in turn the protection offered to the steel. Our five man team of trained sprayers then use the latest spraying equipment to finish our products with a dual layer paint finish. Every machine is finished with 80 microns of high-build primer and 50 microns of gloss polyurethane; this combination provides excellent protection and a high-quality finish.
    • Delivery
      Delivery – Marshall Trailers uses a computerized build system to plan production to ensure that machines are delivered on time. The final stage of delivery is undertake by our two artic lorries, a 7.5ton rigid lorry and a number of other haulage partners.
    • Spare Parts
      Spare Parts – Marshall Trailers has a full selection of spare parts for all our ranges, most of which can be dispatched immediately. In some cases we have spares for machines dating back forty years, which gives of mind when you buy a Marshall that you will be properly supported well into the future.
  • Overview

    Features at a Glance

    • Large capacity
    • Tapered bodies ensure safe discharge of loads
    • Fully welded construction eliminates rust traps
    • Fixed headboard (ensures a rigid body)
    • Fully braced hinge points (eliminates cracking of material)
    • Hydraulic brakes and lights standard (S/4 upwards fulfils both HSE and highway regulations)
    • Full height grain doors (enables large bulky loads to be discharged)
    • All Marshall silage trailers use out unique hydraulic catches which fit to the rear of the trailer removing any chance of accidental damage from the side
    • Genuine Marshall Spares – a full collection of spares are available for all models in the range

    The Marshall S/5 drop side trailer is capable of tackling most jobs around the farm, due to its generous carrying capacity and robust build.

    The drop side design provides excellent versatility, allowing the trailer to be used as a flat-bed or a proper trailer. This drastically increases the jobs this trailer can be used for, whether it is moving pallets, small machines, sand or grass; it really can handle all jobs. The S/5 also has the option of mesh, grain or silage sides making it an even more versatile piece of kit and maximising the trailers functionality.

    The body of the S/5 has a 3mm floor and 2.5mm sides, still allowing them to be easily removed if necessary. The hinge points for the sides are also reinforced to prevent cracking or twisting under heavy loads. To improve rigidity the trailer also has a fixed headboard, which reduces flexing during loading and transport. In addition to these design features the trailers body is tapered allowing loads to be safely discharged without the risk of them sticking in the trailer.

    The trailer chassis utilises our tried and tested design developed over 60 years of trailer manufacturing, and provides exceptional strength. The S/5 is also fully-equipped with a hydraulic tipping ram, hydraulic brakes and lights, which means it is ready to be used from the moment it is delivered.

    The Marshall S/5 is a truly useful and well-designed trailer that allows a huge range of jobs to be carried out by a single machine.

  • Specification & Prices
    Basic Price£3,186£4,000£5,400£6,350£7,500£12,350£16,154
    Grain PriceN/AN/AN/A£7,922 / (DF-2.5)£9,433 / (DF-2.5) £14,365 / (DF-2.5) £17,670 (DF-2.5)
    Silage PriceN/AN/AN/A£9,844 / (DF-2.5)£11,602 / (DF-2.5)£16,865 / (DF-2.5)£20,360 (DF-2.5)
    Body Size - Imperial6' x 4' x 13"8' x 5' x 15"10' x 6' x 18"10' 6" x 6' 9" - 7' x 21"12' x 6' 9" - 7' x 21"14' x 7' 6" - 7' 9" x 24"16' x 7' 6" - 7' 9" x 24"
    Standard Tyre Size23 x 8.5 x 1226.0 x 1210.0 x 15 - 10 ply12.5 x 15 - 14 ply12.5 x 15 - 14 ply12.5 x 15 - 14 ply385 - 65 x 22.5
    Axle50mm 5 stud50mm 5 stud60mm 6 stud70mm 6 stud70mm 6 stud70mm 6 stud Tandem80mm 8 stud Tandem
    BrakeN/AN/A250 x 60300 x 60300 x 60300 x 60350 x 90
    Carrying Capacity1.25 tons2 tons4 tons5 tons6.5 tons8.5 tons10.5 tons
    Floor Thickness2.5mm2.5mm3mm3mm4mm4mm4mm
    Side Thickness2.5mm2.5mm2.5mm2.5mm2.5mm2.5mm2.5mm
    Lights£161 / (DF-1)£161 / (DF-1)StandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
    Hyd Brakes£335 / (DF-1.5)£335 / (DF-1.5)StandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
    Side Loading PanelsN/AN/AN/AStandardStandardStandardStandard
    Volume Basic26 cu.ft / 0.74 cu.mtrs50 cu.ft / 1.41 cu.mtrs90 cu.ft / 2.55 cu.mtrs128 cu.ft / 3.62 cu.mtrs147 cu.ft / 4.16 cu.mtrs216 cu.ft / 6.1 cu.mtrs248 cu.ft / 7.0 cu.mtrs
    Volume GrainN/AN/AN/A238 cu.ft273 cu.ft434 cu.ft496 cu.ft
    Volume SilageN/AN/AN/A457 cu.ft525 cu.ft704 cu.ft930 cu.ft
    Basic Trailer Weight365 kgs505 kgs905 kgs1007 kgs1360 kgs2310 kgs2746 kgs
    Loading Height Basic40" / 1.02m45"/1.14m52"/1.32m58"/1.47m60"/1.52m65"/1.65m71"/1.80m
    Tipping MechanismSingle Hydraulic RamSingle Hydraulic RamSingle Hydraulic RamSingle Hydraulic RamSingle Hydraulic RamTwin Hydraulic RamsTwin Chrome Hydraulic Rams
    26.0 x 12£385 / (DF-0.5)StandardN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
    12.5 x 15N/AN/A£190 / (DF-0.5)StandardStandardStandardN/A
    340 x 65 x 18 RadialN/AN/AN/A£998 / (DF-0.5)£998 / (DF-0.5)£1996 / (DF-1)N/A
    15-55 x 17N/AN/A£530 / (DF-0.5)£530 / (DF-0.5)£420 / (DF-0.5)£840 / (DF-1)N/A
    550-45 x 22.5N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A£1,840 / (DF-1)
    8 inch HatchN/AN/AN/A£185£185£185£185
    12 inch HatchN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A£228£228
    12 inch Hatch with SockN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A£295£295
    Spring Drawbar (Adjustable)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A£845£845
    Swivel HitchN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A£195
    Bale ExtensionN/AN/A£489 / (DF-1)£489 / (DF-1)£489 / (DF-1)£540 / (DF-1)£540 / (DF-1)
    Harvest Ladders - Galvanized (pair)N/AN/A£410 / (DF-0.25)£410 / (DF-0.25)£410 / (DF-0.25)£410 / (DF-0.25)£410 / (DF-0.25)
    Springs for Single AxleN/AN/A£480£480£510N/AN/A
    Trailer Cover (640g PVC)£205 / (DF-0.25)£205 / (DF-0.25)£205 / (DF-0.25)£205 / (DF-0.25)£205 / (DF-0.25)£217 / (DF-0.25)£267 / (DF-0.25)
    LED Beacon£145 / (DF-0.25)£145 / (DF-0.25)£145 / (DF-0.25)£145 / (DF-0.25)£145 / (DF-0.25)£145 / (DF-0.25)£145 / (DF-0.25)
    LED Tail Lights£326 / (DF-1)£326 / (DF-1)£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)£175 / (DF-0.5)£205 / (DF-0.5)£205 / (DF-0.5)
    10 Stud Commercial AxleN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A£1,364
    10 Stud Commercial Axle c/w ABS BrakesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A£4,620
    Air / Oil Brakes (non ABS) c/w Load SensingN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A£1,517 (DF-4)£1,517 (DF-4)
    Oil Load SensingN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A£750 / (DF-2)£750 / (DF-2)
    18" Mesh Sides£491 / (DF-1.5)£491 / (DF-1.5)£606 / (DF-1.5)£664 / (DF-1.5)£664 / (DF-1.5)£722 / (DF-1.5)£722 / (DF-1.5)
    Rear Tow Hitch c/w Lights & BrakesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A425 / (DF-2)£325 / (DF-2)
    Jack Screw in lieu of SkidStandardStandard£174 (DF-0.5)£174 (DF-0.5)£174 (DF-0.5)£174 (DF-0.5)£174 (DF-0.5)
    Rear Ramps (Aluminium)£850 / (DF-0.25)£850 / (DF-0.25)£1700 / (DF-0.25)£1700 / (DF-0.25)£1700 / (DF-0.25)£1700 / (DF-0.25)£1700 / (DF-0.25)
  • Owners Info
    • Tyre Pressure Chart

    • Fitting Instructions - Drop-side Trailer Bale Extensions

    • Trailers Instruction Manual

    • Marshall Pricelist and Brochure 2021

    • Order Drop-Side Agricultural Trailers spares online

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    • Additional Equipment for this machine

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  • FAQ's
    • What are the current regulations on agricultural trailer brakes?

      Read more

      What are the current regulations on agricultural trailer brakes?

      The law currently states that trailers travelling below 25mph have to have a braking efficiency of at least 25% (UK Road Vehicle Construction & Use Regulations). Above this speed it is unclear exactly what requirements an agricultural trailer has to meet, whether it is commercial braking requirements or still simply a 25% braking efficiency.

      There is currently EU legislation under discussion which would implement a 50% braking efficiency for agricultural trailers, but this has been already been debated for a number of years without it becoming law. It seems unlikely that it will be implemented within the next few years, if ever, since this would impose higher braking standards than required on commercial vehicles.

      Marshall products are fitted with hydraulic brakes as standard and on average provide a braking efficiency of 35%, which exceeds the current legal requirements. This impressive baseline performance is achieved by fitting high quality axles supplied by the world’s leading axle manufacturer, combined with enlarged 25mm brake cylinders and durable 2 wire hoses.

      Take time to examine the specifications of our models and take note of the brake sizes and axles sizes. In particular notice we fit commercial 420 x 180 10 stud axles as standard on our QM/14, QM/16, QM/1600 and QM1800 models; not 10 stud industrial axles, which provide significantly reduced performance. The way to tell the difference between these axles is a commercial axle uses an S-cam brake rode while an industrial axle uses a flat-cam brake rod.

      If a customer requires enhanced braking performance we also offer air brakes with loading sensing, full ABS systems and a number of axle upgrades. This guarantees a Marshall trailer can meet current legal requirements now and any EU legislation that could potentially be introduced in the future.

  • Additional Equipment Extra
    • Grain Sides

      Grain Sides

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 2.5hrs


      Extremely useful when transporting grain; drastically increases carrying capacity.

    • Silage Sides c/w Swinging Door

      Silage Sides c/w Swinging Door

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 2.5hrs


      Essential for carrying silage. Comes with swinging door and hydraulic latches.

    • 18" Mesh Sides


      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 1.5hrs


      An ideal attachment for a trailer in the leisure industry or used for odd-jobs on the farm.

    • Springs for Single Axle

      Springs for Single Axle

      Part No.


      Improves trailer ride off-road and on the road.

    • 340 x 65 x 18 Wheels

      340 x 65 x 18 Wheels

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      These tyres also known as "minature super singles" and are excellent for extensive road use. Please note all prices are in place of standard tyres.

    • 15-55 x 17 Wheels

      15-55 x 17 Wheels

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      These tyres significantly reduce ground compaction, and are ideal in wet conditions or for use in the groundcare industry. Please note all prices are in place of standard tyres.

    • Top & Bottom Hinged Door

      Top & Bottom Hinged Door

      Part No.


      Allows the door to open from the top or bottom of the trailer when discharging its load.

    • 8" Grain Hatch


      Part No.


      Allows easy discharge of grain, with a simple and reliable design.

    • Bale Extension

      Bale Extension

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 1hrs


      Increases length of trailer bed for use with bales.

    • Harvest Ladders (Pair)

      Harvest Ladders (Pair)

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


      Ensures bales are held in position during transport.

    • Hitch Lock

      Hitch Lock

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


      Allows the machine to be secured against theft. Padlock is not included.

    • Jack Screw in Lieu Skid

      Jack Screw in Lieu Skid

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      An essential for using machine with tractors without a pickup hitch.

    • Mudflaps


      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      Reduces mud splatter to the rest of the machine.

    • Trailer Cover

      Trailer Cover

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


      A simple 640g PVC cover to protect grain or other valuable loads.

    • Rear Ramps

      Rear Ramps

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


      Manually attached ramps, ideal of unloading or loading machines.

    • Number Plate Bracket & Light

      Number Plate Bracket & Light

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 1hrs


      Allows your number plate to be easily changed.

    • LED Beacon

      LED Beacon

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


      Ideal if the machine is frequently used on the road.

    • LED Lights

      LED Lights

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      Improved visibility of the machine and reduces maintenance of lights.

    • Bespoke Colour Finish - Single Colour

      Bespoke Colour Finish - Single Colour

      Part No.


      Your Marshall product can be painted in 13 bespoke colour finishes, including different blues, greens, yelllows, white, grey and black.