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...Marshall machines sold since 1952
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Retrofit Spares

These kits and spares can be used to make the most out of your Marshall machine:

Aluminium RampsPart No: 065/10-3335
Description: Aluminium Ramps - these ramps can be added to any of our drop-side trailers, allowing tracked machines to be loaded and improving the practicality of your trailer. The ramps are suitable for steel tracked machines and carry 7.4tons.
Price: £1300.00 + VAT


Air Brakes Kit

Part No: 050/11-4000
Description: Air/Oil Brakes c/w Load Sensing - this kit allows you to fit air brakes to one of your Marshall machines and on machines with springs allows load sensing to be fitted. 
Price: £1500.00 + VAT

12" Grain HatchPart No: 065/07-1200
Description: 12" Grain Hatch - can easily be fitted to our QM monocoque range with a little bit of fabrication.
Price: £142.00 + VAT


Marshall Easy-connect

Part No: 079/09-7000
Description: Marshall Easy-connect - this simple self-fill system allows your tanker to be loaded without having to leave your tractor and can be retrofitted to any tanker. The system works with a claw sliding out from the side of the tanker to grab the hose and pull it tight to the tanker allowing it to be filled.
Price: £950.00 + VAT


Delivery charges apply to all these items, please call our office on 01224 722777 for more details.


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