Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Agricultural Feed Trailers / FT-15


Features and Specifications

  • Sides: 3mm Steel
  • Front: 5mm Steel
  • Floor: Timber Slatted Floor
  • Standard Tyres: 12.5 x 15 - 14ply 70mm 6 Stud Axle
Basic Price: £3,800.00
  • Features
    • Construction
      Construction – Tapered sides to allow for easy feeding. Every model also benefits from a fully welded steel construction with 5mm ends and 3mm or 4mm sides.
    • Floor
      Floor – The entire range has 30mm treated pine floors, which allows effluent to escape and can easily be replaced when worn out.
    • Full Opening Removable Rear Door
      Full Opening Removable Rear Door – Allows feed trailers to be easily cleaned out.
    • Retractable Drawbar
      Retractable Drawbar – Maximizes the number of available feed spaces.
    • Axles
      Axles – New 6 stud 70mm beam axles are used on both models in the range.
    • Paint Finish
      Paint Finish – Since November 2011 we have shot-blasted, this is acknowledged in the paint industry as the best possible method for preparing steel for painting. The shot-blasting creates a profile for the paint to adhere to, improving adhesion and in turn the protection offered to the steel. Our five man team of trained sprayers then use the latest spraying equipment to finish our products with a dual layer paint finish. Every machine is finished with 80 microns of high-build primer and 50 microns of gloss polyurethane; this combination provides excellent protection and a high-quality finish.
    • Delivery
      Delivery – Marshall Trailers uses a computerized build system to plan production to ensure that machines are delivered on time. The final stage of delivery is undertake by our two artic lorries, a 7.5ton rigid lorry and a number of other haulage partners.
    • Spare Parts
      Spare Parts – Marshall Trailers has a full selection of spare parts for all our ranges, most of which can be dispatched immediately. In some cases we have spares for machines dating back forty years, which gives you peace of mind when buying a Marshall that you will be properly supported well into the future.
  • Overview

    Features at a Glance

    • Timber Slatted Floor - allows silage effluent to drain away
    • Removable Drawbar
    • Swinging Taildoor - enables the user to efficiently clean out unused feed
    • 3mm Angled Steel Sides - assists feeding for cattle
    • Genuine Marshall Spares – a full collection of spares are available for all models in the range

    The Marshall feed trailer range combines a unique, practical design with exception built quality. In addition all our feed trailer have a number useful features integrated into the design including a timber slatted floor, removable drawbar, swinging taildoor and angled sides to assist feeding. 

    This 15' trailer has 32 feed spaces.

  • Specification & Prices
    Length15' x 5' 6"20' x 5' 6"
    Feed spaces3240
    Loading Height62"62"
    Sides3mm Steel4mm Steel
    Front5mm Steel5mm Steel
    Axles6 Stud 70mm6 Stud 70mm
    Tyres12.5 x 15 - 14 ply12.5 x 15 - 14 ply
    Unladen Weight840 kgs1080 kgs
    Retractable DrawbarStandardStandard
    Swinging Removable TaildoorStandardStandard
    Jack Screw in lieu of Skid£174 (DF-0.5)£174 (DF-0.5)
    Tombstone Sides£645£645
    Removable Seating£1,270 (DF-2)£1,328 (DF-2)
  • Owners Info
  • Additional Equipment Extra
    • Hitch Lock

      Hitch Lock

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


      Allows the machine to be secured against theft. Padlock is not included.

    • Jack Screw in Lieu Skid

      Jack Screw in Lieu Skid

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


      An essential for using machine with tractors without a pickup hitch.

    • Tombstone Sides

      Tombstone Sides

      Part No.


      Allows highland cows and other horned cattle to use the feed trailer.

    • Removable Seating

      Removable Seating

      Part No.

      Dealer Fit - 2hrs


      Allows the feed trailer to be converted for use as a people carrier.

    • Lights


      Part No.


      If the machine is going to be used on the road then lights are recommended.

    • Bespoke Colour Finish - Single Colour

      Bespoke Colour Finish - Single Colour

      Part No.


      Your Marshall product can be painted in 13 bespoke colour finishes, including different blues, greens, yelllows, white, grey and black.