Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952


  1. Stealth Trailer!

    Stealth Trailer!

    10th Jun 2014

    This unusual matte black S/4 drop-side trailer was supplied by one of our dealers, Morris Bufton of Ludlow, to a local safari park. To find out more about our bespoke project visit:... read more

  2. Sinclair Agricultural Contractors New QM/14SS

    Sinclair Agricultural Contractors New QM/14SS

    3rd Jun 2014

    Sinclair Agricultural Contractors, recently took delivery of a new, high-spec QM/14SS with our new style silage sides. The trailer was specified with 560-45x22.5 tyres, 4-leaf parabolic springs, a... read more

  3. New Lorry On The Road

    New Lorry On The Road

    3rd Jun 2014

    Our new DAF XF 510 lorry left yesterday with its first load of machinery for customers. This was also the first outing with our new King low loader trailer and new Cormach crane. To see more... read more

  4. Busy Week of Despatches

    Busy Week of Despatches

    28th May 2014

    Another busy week of despatches, here are a few photos of some of the lorry loads. read more

  5. New Silage Sides Photoshoot

    New Silage Sides Photoshoot

    26th May 2014

    Some photos of our new hydraulic-attachment style silage sides from a photoshoot last week. The model shown in the photos is our QM/1200SS, fitted with a standard hydraulic door, spring drawbar... read more

  6. New Lorry Transfers

    New Lorry Transfers

    22nd May 2014

    Our new lorry is just about ready for the road, transfers on and just the crane to fit! read more

  7. Axle Delivery

    Axle Delivery

    22nd May 2014

    Another container load of axles arriving to top-up our stocks! read more

  8. New Artic Lorry Trailer

    New Artic Lorry Trailer

    19th May 2014

    Our new lorry trailer arrived home at the weekend, as part of our planned investments for 2014. The new trailer cost in excess of £45,000 and was built by King Trailers to go with our new... read more

  9. Two High Spec QM/14s

    Two High Spec QM/14s

    16th May 2014

    Two high-specification QM/14s sold by one of our new dealers Platts Harris. The two trailers were specified with 400R-60x22.5 wheels, 3-leaf parabolic springs, 12" grain hatches, spring... read more

  10. Another Lorry Loaded

    Another Lorry Loaded

    15th May 2014

    Another load of Marshall machines on their way to a customers in the south-west of England, including a QM/1200 monocoque trailer, QMD/12H dumper trailer, QM/8SS monocoque trailer and a bespoke... read more

  11. Three More Trailers Away

    Three More Trailers Away

    13th May 2014

    Another lorry leaving the factory today with three more trailers for customers in England and Wales. The two QM/11 silage trailers were sold by one of our dealers Harold Johns at Chepstow and the... read more

  12. Marshall Lorry Loaded

    Marshall Lorry Loaded

    7th May 2014

    Another lorry load of macines on their way to customers including a high-spec QMD/14H, a bespoke twin lid ram MS/105 and two bespoke John Deere green trailers. To see more of our lorry loads... read more

  13. New DAF Lorry

    New DAF Lorry

    6th May 2014

    Marshalls have just taken delivery of our new DAF XF 510 lorry from Norscot DAF Aberdeen to replace our older artic unit. The new lorry is fitted with a TAG axle, sat nav, automatic gearbox and... read more

  14. Kitted Out S/4 Drop-side Trailer

    Kitted Out S/4 Drop-side Trailer

    5th May 2014

    Marshalls recently finished an extremely fancy S/4 drop-side trailer, sold by one of our dealers Ernest Doe & Sons. The trailer had LED lights, an LED beacon, mesh sides, a jack screw and a... read more

  15. Bespoke S/85 Drop-side Trailer

    Bespoke S/85 Drop-side Trailer

    2nd May 2014

    Recently delivered S/85 drop-side trailer custom built to a customer's requirements, which included a besoke Newholland blue paint finish, mudflaps and aluminium loading ramps. To find out... read more

  16. Marshall Easy-connect - New For 2014

    Marshall Easy-connect - New For 2014

    30th Apr 2014

    Marshalls are pleased to announce our new Easy-connect option (Patent Pending) for our ST slurry tanker range. This simple piece of equipment allows your tanker to be filled without the need for... read more

  17. New People Carrier Option for our Feed Trailer Range

    New People Carrier Option for our Feed Trailer Range

    28th Apr 2014

    Another new option for 2014 is removable seating for our feed trailer range to allow our feed trailers to be converted for carry people. The removable seats are galvanized and simply bolt on to... read more

  18. Three High-Spec QM/14SS

    Three High-Spec QM/14SS

    22nd Apr 2014

    Marshalls recently complete three bespoke QM/14 silage trailers for a contractor in the Wiltshire area, sold byone of our dealers Chippenham Farm Sales. The three trailers had 560-60x22.5... read more

  19. Harold Johns Open Day

    Harold Johns Open Day

    14th Apr 2014

    Charles P Marshall and David Marshall attended a dealer open day last week at Harold Johns in Chepstow. It was great day with plenty of Marshall machines on show and was very well supported by the... read more

  20. Special Build QM/8

    Special Build QM/8

    5th Apr 2014

    We have recently finished construction of a very unique QM/8 monocoque trailer, which had a number of bespoke features as requested by the customer. The trailer has been built with special... read more