Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Agricultural Feed Trailers / Additional Equipment

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  • 12.5 x 15 Wheels

    12.5 x 15 Wheels

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


    These tyres reduce the ground compaction of the machine and offer a slight improvement during road use. Please note all prices are in place of standard tyres.

  • Hitch Lock

    Hitch Lock

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


    Allows the machine to be secured against theft. Padlock is not included.

  • Jack Screw in Lieu Skid

    Jack Screw in Lieu Skid

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


    An essential for using machine with tractors without a pickup hitch.

  • Tombstone Sides

    Tombstone Sides

    Part No.


    Allows highland cows and other horned cattle to use the feed trailer.

  • Removable Seating

    Removable Seating

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 2hrs


    Allows the feed trailer to be converted for use as a people carrier.

  • Lights


    Part No.


    If the machine is going to be used on the road then lights are recommended.

  • Bespoke Colour Finish - Single Colour

    Bespoke Colour Finish - Single Colour

    Part No.


    Your Marshall product can receive a bespoke paint finish. Please note paint is not guaranteed to be an exact colour match, although every effort will be made to match the colour as closely as possible.