Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Drop-Side Agricultural Trailers / Additional Equipment

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  • Grain Sides

    Grain Sides

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 2.5hrs


    Extremely useful when transporting grain; drastically increases carrying capacity.

  • Silage Sides c/w Swinging Door

    Silage Sides c/w Swinging Door

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 2.5hrs


    Essential for carrying silage. Comes with swinging door and hydraulic latches.

  • 18" Mesh Sides


    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 1.5hrs


    An ideal attachment for a trailer in the leisure industry or used for odd-jobs on the farm.

  • Springs for Single Axle

    Springs for Single Axle

    Part No.


    Improves trailer ride off-road and on the road.

  • 340 x 65 x 18 Wheels

    340 x 65 x 18 Wheels

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


    These tyres also known as "minature super singles" and are excellent for extensive road use. Please note all prices are in place of standard tyres.

  • 15-55 x 17 Wheels

    15-55 x 17 Wheels

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


    These tyres significantly reduce ground compaction, and are ideal in wet conditions or for use in the groundcare industry. Please note all prices are in place of standard tyres.

  • Top & Bottom Hinged Door

    Top & Bottom Hinged Door

    Part No.


    Allows the door to open from the top or bottom of the trailer when discharging its load.

  • 8" Grain Hatch


    Part No.


    Allows easy discharge of grain, with a simple and reliable design.

  • Bale Extension

    Bale Extension

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 1hrs


    Increases length of trailer bed for use with bales.

  • Harvest Ladders (Pair)

    Harvest Ladders (Pair)

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


    Ensures bales are held in position during transport.

  • Hitch Lock

    Hitch Lock

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


    Allows the machine to be secured against theft. Padlock is not included.

  • Jack Screw in Lieu Skid

    Jack Screw in Lieu Skid

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


    An essential for using machine with tractors without a pickup hitch.

  • Mudflaps


    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


    Reduces mud splatter to the rest of the machine.

  • Trailer Cover

    Trailer Cover

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


    A simple 640g PVC cover to protect grain or other valuable loads.

  • Rear Ramps

    Rear Ramps

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


    Manually attached ramps, ideal of unloading or loading machines.

  • Number Plate Bracket & Light

    Number Plate Bracket & Light

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 1hrs


    Allows your number plate to be easily changed.

  • LED Beacon

    LED Beacon

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.25hrs


    Ideal if the machine is frequently used on the road.

  • LED Lights

    LED Lights

    Part No.

    Dealer Fit - 0.5hrs


    Improved visibility of the machine and reduces maintenance of lights.

  • Bespoke Colour Finish - Single Colour

    Bespoke Colour Finish - Single Colour

    Part No.


    Your Marshall product can be painted in 13 bespoke colour finishes, including different blues, greens, yelllows, white, grey and black.