Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Tailored QM/11 Silage Trailers

14th May 2015

These four trailers were recently sold by one of our dealers Hamilton Brothers to their customer Hamilton Contracting. The QM/11SS silage trailers were specified with springs, a spring drawbar, 8 stud axles c/w slack adjusters, LED lights, high-level LEDs, tapered silage sides and a rear name plate. 

To find out more about our QM silage trailer range visit:

Marshall QM/11 Silage Trailers Marshall QM/11 Silage Trailer - Front Marshall QM/11 Silage Trailer - Side Angled Front Side-loading Panel 550-45 x 22.5 Tyres & Bolt-on Wings Rear High-level LEDs Rear LEDs and Rear Tow Hitch Rear Name Plate Marshall QM/11 Silage Trailer - Rear

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