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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Pair of Bespoke Trailers

5th February 2017

We recently delivered a pair of very bespoke trailers for one of our dealers. The first was a BC/32 bale trailer, with low profile 445-45 x 19.5 wheels, air brakes, wooden floor, rear ramp bar, strengthened rear chassis, channel side rails, spring drawbar, 10 stud commercial axles and a bespoke John Deere green paint finish. The other was a QM/16 chassis with a flat body on it that could tip. In addition this trailer also had low profile wheels, removable sides, 10 stud commercial axles, air brakes, rear ramp bar and was also finished in John Deere green!

To find out more about our bespoke projects visit:

Bespoke QM/16 Bespoke BC/32 and QM/16

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