Marshall Trailers

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...Marshall machines sold since 1952

Bespoke Specifications

The Marshall Monocoque Trailers have been extremely popular over the years and with the success of this range, our customers started looking for increased specifications.

Tailored 4 You

Marshall Trailers Tailored 4 You logoTo give you, the customer, what you want we developed the Tailored 4 You model (T4U). Effectively this is any one of our QM models with four extras added, giving you that little more attention to details. On the configurator page you will see a comprehensive options list, simply select at least 4 options and your QM Model becomes a T4U Model.

In addition, there are a few extras that we supply free of charge, when your trailer becomes a T4U, namely; personalised transfers, brass name plates and a few other touches that have been well appreciated. The T4U is effectively designed to meet your exact requirements and we are more than happy to discuss this with you as you place your order.

Our experience of over 60 years means that we have the knowledge and experience to assist in your selection. With an extremely reliable and popular model that has been given an enhanced status to match its market place, we are sure this will please you for many years.

QM/1200 John Deere Green & Yellow BC/32 Tri-axle QM/16 Newholland Blue BC/17 Bespoke Bale Trailer Maserati Blue QM/16 Bespoke QM/11 Silage Trailer Two Bespoke QM/1200SS Silage Trailers ST/3000 Tandem Axle Slurry Tanker Bespoke Tandem Axle ST/2300 Slurry Tanker Two Bespoke QM/12 Grain Trailers Bespoke S/5 Drop-side Trailer Bespoke People Carrier - Papua New Guinea Bespoke BC/26-12ton and Bespoke TRAN/25 Livestock Container Bespoke Newholland Blue QM/14 Matte Black S/4 Bespoke BC/26-12ton QM/8 Monocoque Trailer with Bespoke Wings and 500/50x17 Wheels Industrial Yellow S/4 Drop-side Trailer John Deere Green S/2 Drop-side Trailer QM/12, 3' Sides, Double Floor, Double Sides Bespoke BC/21 Bale Trailer Bespoke Marshall BC/21 Bale Trailer Retrofitted With Shooting Hide Bespoke MS/105 Tandem Axle Built 7' Wide QMD/8 Bespoke Dumper Trailer Bespoke QM/8 Newholland Blue Marshall BC/21 Painted Brunswick Green Marshall QM/14 c/w High Suspension and 500-60x22.5 Wheels Newholland Blue BC/32 Marshall Bale Trailer Bespoke QM/11, Kubota Orange, 9mm Floor, 5.5mm Sides, 12-ton Rams S/85 Drop-side Trailer John Deere Green QM/14 Monocoque Trailer, Bespoke Green Chassis & Yellow Wheels QM/1400 Monocoque Trailer Bespoke Green Chassis, Inspection Ladder Bespoke BC/25-12ton Marshall BC/27 Bale Trailer, Newholland Blue, 420x180 10stud Axles QM/16SS, Bespoke John Deere Green, Rear Steering Axle Bespoke VES2000 John Deere Green Bothwell's 21' Fixed Livestock Container Bespoke 25' Livestock Container - Hydraulic Sheep Deck Ramps QMD/12H Bespoke Yellow Paint Finish VES2000 50th Aniversary Bespoke Metallic Gold Paint Claas Green QM/11 QMD/6 Bespoke Yellow Paint Finish for Local Council QMD/14H Bespoke Yellow Paint Finish QM/14 John Deere Green with Tractor Kubota Orange QM/8 QM/16 T4U with rollover cover, air/oil brakes, 560/45 x 22.5 wheels, hydraulic door and sprung drawbar VES1500 Custom Dark Blue Finish ST1400 with oversized tyres S/4 with extended body QM/14 painted John Deere green QM/6 with bespoke Newholland blue paint finish QM/14 painted Fendt green QM/16 with bespoke folding sides QM/16 with bespoke black chassis S/4 with custom yellow paint finish, local authority specification. 25' Livestock Container with BC/25-12ton, complete with quad carrying compartment QMD/6 with oversized tyres for golf course BC/25-12ton finish in Newholland blue S/5SS with yellow paint finish BC/21 with extra harvest ladders for logging BC/21 Chassis with extra drop-sides added to meet a customer's specific specification BC/25-12ton customised for setting up solar panels QM/11SS Claas Green QM/12 John Deere green complete with yellow rollover cover BC/25-12ton customised for Carnoustie Golf Course QM/14 with bespoke extension sides and fittings for electric rollover cover QM/14 with electric cover QM/12 with bespoke folding sides QM/11SS with Johne Deere green and yellow finish ST2550 Bespoke Tandem Axle Tanker With Yellow Paint Finish QMD/14H T4U with Inspection Ladder ST1600 Narrow Design for Jersey ST2000 Narrow Design for Jersey MS105 Spreader with Oversized Tyres and Swan-neck Drawbar 25' Livestock Container c/w Host Trailer Finished in Grey QM/8 Bespoke White Trailer for Local Council BC/18 Tandem Axle & Timber Floor BC/21 with bespoke drop-sides for carrying pipes Marshall Bespoke QM/1200SS Monocoque Trailer Bespoke Low Loader Bespoke Low Loader, 14-ton Capacity, SDB, 445-45x19.5 Wheels, Air/Oil Brakes, 10 Stud Commercial Axles Yellow ST/1600 Slurry Tanker Bespoke QM/14 - 8' Wide, Narrow Wings, No Hyd Door Bespoke QMD/10 c/w Swinging Rear Door Bespoke S/4 Drop-side Trailer Bespoke ST1600 Slurry Tankers Platts Harris Spec QM/14 Monocoque Trailer Bespoke BC/36 Bale Trailer John Deere Green QM/14 Silage Trailer QM/11SS Silage Trailer Two Bespoke Bowsers QM/12 Newholland Blue Maserati Blue QM/16 Bespoke QMD/8 Dumper Trailer c/w Extension Sides Bespoke S/4 Drop-side Trailer Bespoke S/6 Drop-side Trailer - Land Rover Green Maserati Blue QM/14SS Silage Trailer Low Sided QM/14 Grain Trailer Bespoke Colour QM/11 Curtain Sided Trailer Bespoke Tandem Axle MS/105 Bespoke QM/1200 c/w Yellow Rear Door VES/2500 Rear-discharge Spreader - Kobalt Blue Bespoke S/6 Drop-side Trailer Chrome Wrapped S/4 Bespoke VES/2000 Rear-discharge Spreader - John Deere Green Bespoke S/5 Drop-side Trailers QM/14 - Claas Green FT/20 - Bespoke Pheasant Feed Trailer QM/14 - Claas Green S/5 Newholland Blue - Front View S/4, Kubota Orange - Side View

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