Slurry Tankers / ST1800 Configure machine

  • Basic Price: £9,442.00

ST1800 Slurry Tanker c/w Optional Hydraulic Top HatchThe Marshall ST1800 is our mid-range tanker that is still relatively compact, but also has a very respectable carrying capacity. It also has the added benefit of being fitted with 550 - 60 x 22.5 floatation tyres which are fantastic on soft ground, reducing the possibility of the tanker becoming stuck.

All Marshall tankers have an integral chassis design to reduce stress on the tank and prevent premature cracking. In addition the tank is constructed from 6mm steel, which improves durability and increases the lifespan of the tanker. The tank has also been measured to ensure that it will hold its stated capacity and customers receive exactly what they paid for. The ST1800 is also fitted with a standard 6” side valve that is interchangeable with another rear mounting position, allowing flexibility when loading. The standard 8000L Hertell pump provides quick and efficient loading of the tanker, while combining reliability and durability.

The ST1800 is also fitted with hydraulic brakes and lights, which are fully integrated, as standard. This ensures it is safe to operate and complies with all current health and safety legislation.

The ST1800 is an excellent all-round tanker that has an excellent carrying capacity, while remaining relatively easy to operate.

Standard Tyres: 550 - 60 x 22.5 - 80mm 8 stud axle

Features at a Glance

  • A quality 8000L Hertell pump
  • Standard 6mm steel tank (ensures a long lifespan)
  • Standard 6” side valve (with interchangeable rear mounting position)
  • Liquid filled 75mm gauge (allows for accurate pressure readings)
  • Fully integrated lights
  • Integral design chassis (ensures no fatigue that can produce premature cracking)
  • Tanks that hold the stated capacity (even the LGP cut in tanks are increased in size to compensate for the cut out part)
  • Genuine Marshall Spares – a full collection of spares are available for all models in the range

Machine Specification and Prices

Standard Tyre Size385 - 65 x 22.5385 - 65 x 22.5550 - 60 x 22.5550 - 60 x 22.5750/60 - 30.5750/60 - 30.5750/60 - 30.5
Axle70mm 6 stud80mm 8 stud80mm 8 stud80mm 8 stud90mm 10 stud High Speed Commercial Drop-axle90mm 10 stud High Speed Commercial Drop-axle90mm 10 stud High Speed Commercial Drop-axle
Brakes300 x 60350 x 90350 x 90350 x 90406 x 120 S Cam406 x 120 S Cam406 x 120 S Cam
Volume1220 gal / 5500 ltr1400 gal / 6300 ltr1550 gal / 7000 ltr1800 gal / 8200 ltr2150 gal / 9800 ltr2340 gal / 10650 ltr2560 gal / 11600 ltr
Side ValveStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Tank Thickness6mm6mm6mm6mm6mm6mm6mm
Lights & BrakesStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Drum Diameter5' 3"5' 3"5' 3"5' 3"5' 3"6'6'
Pump - Hertell8000 ltr8000 ltr8000 ltr8000 ltr10000 ltr10000 ltr10000 ltr
6in Hose15'15'15'15'15'20'20'
Unladen Weight1730 kg2120 kg2330 kg2540 kg2860 kg3400 kg3790 kg
REMOULD 400 - 60R x 22.5£276N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
550 - 60 x 22.5N/A£821StandardStandardN/AN/AN/A
Spring Drawbar£782£782£782£782StandardStandardStandard
Tanker Hydraulic Hatch£590£590£590£590£590£590£590
Tanker Manual Hatch£390£390£390£390£390£390£390
Full Opening Rear Door£810£810£810£810£810£810£810
Mud Guards£335£335£335£335StandardStandardStandard
10,000 ltr Pump HertellN/A£340£340£340StandardStandardStandard
Hydraulic Pump£700£700£700£700£700£700£700
Garda Pump c/w Spreader£4,128£4,128£4,128£4,128£4,128£4,128£4,128
90 degree Bend Complete£175£175£175£175£175£175£175
Extra Complete Hand Operated Valve£340£340£340£340£340£340£340
Wash Down Hose£171£171£171£171£171£171£171
Quick Attach Coupling£175£175£175£175£175£175£175
Pump Hydraulic Changeover£170£170£170£170£170£170£170
Auto Load£2,617£2,617£2,617£2,617£2,617£2,617£2,617
Marshall Easy Connect£800£800£800£800£800£800£800
Air Brakes£1,150£1,150£1,150£1,150£1,150£1,150£1,150
LED Tail Lights£150£150£150£150£150£150£150
LED Beacon£135£135£135£135£135£135£135

Made by SugarShaker