Agricultural Livestock Trailers / 21 Configure machine

  • Basic Price: £6,978.00
  • Steel Box & Trailer - Fixed: £10,478.00
  • Steel Box & Trailer - Dismountable: £13,007.00
  • Basic Price - Aluminium: £10,472.00
  • Aluminium Box & Trailer - Dismountable: £16,501.00

Marshall 21' aluminium livestock container on BC21 bale trailerMarshall trailers has a number of products for transporting cattle and sheep; all built to an extremely high standard with functionality and practicality at the core of the designs.

The convenience of having your own Marshall livestock container will surprise even the most sceptical of owners. Just think of the numerous times you have left stock grazing in a depleted pasture as you try to maximise the use of a pre booked haulier. With the rising popularity in 40kmh tractors on today’s farms, enabling larger distances to be covered, it is now possible for livestock to be moved when required using these containers.

The two options that are available to customers are a stand-alone container or a container permanently fixed to a trailer. Both have a durabar floor, aluminium ramp complete with helper springs and internal dividing doors that can be set every 18”. In addition the stand-alone container can be ordered in steel or aluminum depending on the customers preference. Finally both choices can be fitted with optional sheep decks, which can also be easily stored within the container.

The usual high-quality Marshall build and flexible model options means the Marshall livestock container range is an excellent choice when transporting cattle or sheep.

Features at a Glance

  • Marshall 21' steel livestock container on BC21 bale trailerEach Container has its own floor which eliminates the necessity for the flooring on the host trailer to be in good condition
  • Aluminium ramp c/w two helper springs, (ensures easy safe use)
  • Fully sheeted solid roof (complies with full regulations)
  • Internal dividing doors. (can be positioned every 18")
  • All models are available with aluminium sheep carrying decks.
  • Steel or aluminium construction
  • Genuine Marshall Spares – a full collection of spares are available for all models in the range

Machine Specification and Prices

Steel Container£6,978£7,825£8,808£9,908
Steel Box & Trailer - Fixed£10,478£13,075£14,773£16,376
Steel Box & Trailer - Dismountable£13,007£15,925£18,073£20,308
Basic Price - Aluminium£10,472£11,742£13,375£15,108
Aluminium Box & Trailer - Dismountable£16,501£19,842£22,640£25,508
Trailer ModelBC21 12.5 WlsBC25 12 tonBC28 14 tonBC32 14 ton
Axle Size on Fixed Trailer70mm 6 stud80mm 8 stud80mm 8 stud80mm 8 stud
Container Size21' x 8'25' x 8'28' x 8'32' x 8'
Unladen Weight - Steel1800 kg2145 kg2400 kg2700 kg
Unladen Weight - Aluminium1400 kg1695 kg1890 kg2150 kg
Approx. Carrying Weight8000 kg10000 kg12000 kg12000 kg
Internal Loading Height6' 6"6' 6"6' 6"6' 6"
Internal Cattle / Sheep Divisions1223
Sheep Decks£3,400£3,600£3,800£4,200
Additional Internal Divisions - Galvanized£664£664£664£664
Front Escape Hatch£680£680£680£680
Hyd Lift Sheep Deck Ramps£1,800£1,800£1,800£1,800

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